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Grudge stories (edited to remove identifying information)

  1. My husband went on a bender, cheated on me, and was arrested for assaulting people on the street. This is my third marriage, and my previous two husbands had left me for younger women. Why am I such a fool with men? I'm angry at men and at myself.
  2. I hold a grudge against Barack Obama for promising change and progressive policies but for being a centrist, a sellout, and a wimp who let Republicans win in 2016 by his failure to fight.
  3. I hold a grudge against my friend for being more beautiful than me.
  4. My sister and her husband stole most of my inheritance. As caretakers of my mother during her last years, they were able to convince her to invest in shady real estate schemes that drained her assets. My mother had had a drinking problem in her later years and was dependent on my sister for care and support. My brothers and I sued and found out that my sister and her husband had cheated on their taxes, but we settled out of court. The saddest thing is that my kids never met their aunt or her kids. The grudge's pain has worn off but I am still sad.
  5. My older brother beat me up when I was little. I am still angry at him.
  6. I got involved in a culty religious group about 25 years ago. Around them I felt joy and an exquisite sense of well-being. At first they treated me very well, but eventually they began saying things I was uncomfortable with. They said theirs is the only way to God, and all other paths are false. They ridiculed other "gurus." They were celibate and disciplined. They had a crazy theology about the world being 5000 years old. When I refused to agree with their claims to being the only valid path, they set up a situation to prove their superiority; they said I would be strangled (by the world) if I left the group -- which I did. Ever since then I have held a grudge against them for sucking me in and then shitting me out and for their superior spiritual attainments. I'm angry at God for allowing such injustice. I'm also angry at myself for being stupid enough to stay with them as long as I did.

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